Zenfolio | J.D. Myall Books | Crimson Reign

The kingdom of Vellen is battling a crisis. Not only is the king dying, but his successor, Aaric, is carrying on a dangerous and steamy affair with the servant girl Sahira— who’s vivid and prophetic dreams paint a dire picture for the future.

As Aaric struggles to accept his upcoming arranged marriage to Mia, whose country would prove a powerful ally in the brewing war between Vellen and their neighbor to the north, he finds an unexpected competitor for his father’s throne in his sister Reina.

Ruthlessly ambitious, Reina believes her brother is too irresponsible to fill the needs of their beloved people. However, Reina must act quickly if she is to seize the throne because someone else wants the crown—and isn’t afraid to lie, cheat, or kill to get it.

A scandalous blend of power, love, and betrayal, Crimson Reign gives a whole new meaning to “family values.”